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Inventor Pro 2024/Radan CAD/CAM Programming

Inventor Pro 2024 & Radprofile delivers a wealth of benefits necessary to be successful in today's competitive environment, in 2D & 3D.

Modern manufacturing requires efficiency, flexibility and low cost in order to meet customer's needs. The demand for smaller batches, shorter lead-times and lower cost is increasing all the time.

Inventor Pro 2024/Radprofile is a state-of-the-art profiling system with the power to meet these needs. Successful profiling depends on many factors including geometry integrity, cutting conditions, lead-in placement and cutting order strategy. Radprofile addresses all these and more, which in turn ensures a rapid turnaround for customers.

Radprofile's nesting system is highly advanced and includes the ability to common line cut between two adjacent parts thus reducing cycle time and material usage. In Radan 08, parts suitable for common line cutting can be mixed with other parts on the same nest. Common line cut parts are position tightly against its neighbours whilst other parts are spaced apart according to parameters contained in the manufacturing database. This functionality produces more efficient cutting programs which in hand saves the customer time and money.

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